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Extraction and Distillation

Extraction and Distillation



Our lab offers a variety of wholesale products including, but not limited to: crude oil, distillates, isolates, and finished consumer products.
White Labeling

White Labeling

We provide several products for white labeling branding . Press the button below to see our available products.
Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Our facility also directly sells consumer products including both full-spectrum and THC-free creams, salves, and tinctures. Inquire within for wholesale and direct purchase.


Our Facility

My CBD Lab boasts a professional and open environment filled with state-of-the art distillation equipment and a full view of our growing space. We offer tours of our facility to prove our dedication to the stability, security, and trust that we promise to our clients.

My CBD Lab also offers an exclusive social & coworking space for CBD professionals. Meet fellow industry leaders, discuss the latest trends and technology, and forge the future of the CBD community.

Why Work with Us?



My CBD Lab is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Health.



My CBD Lab operates with the highest standards for our products and client relationships.



When My CBD Lab sets project deliverables and deadlines, they are followed. No excuses.

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