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One of the major fundamentals to our business is Private White Label CBD manufacturing of all hemp derived CBD and cannabinoid based products. We specialize in product formulations with cannabinoids such as CBD CBG CBC and CBN along with plant derived terpenes. We have an in house leading team of experts of PHD scientists, chemists and master formulators who specialize in creating advanced cannabinoid formulations. 

Our manufacturing facility is set up for full in house lab testing to ensure quality measures and control are being provided at every step of the process when formulating products. In addition we send samples of all our materials to third party labs to ensure formulations are accurate at all levels. Our procedures and quality measures place My CBD Lab as a trusteed partner and choice for emerging brands to excel in the growing space of CBD. We now offer Certified Organic Processing for tinctures as a service under the USDA National Organic Program. Click HERE to view our Pro Cert Certification.


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