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MY CBD LAB houses a 20,000 square foot extraction facility and a 15,000 square foot distillation facility, outfitted with lab testing and a research department led by some of the finest scientists in the world.

MY CBD LAB is an industry leader in the hemp pay-per-service marketplace offering toll processing on raw material. Our model is focused on individualizing and establish a performance metric that aligns with our clients objectives.  

The process of extracting and purifying cannabinoids can come in many forms. MY CBD LAB uses technology and cold ethanol to produce wax and lipid free crude. This process an efficiency rating of 98% and removes the large majority of active components from the plant matter. Ethanol is a renewable green solvent made from plants, not petrochemicals. MY CBD LAB state-of-the-art facility is capable to extract industrial large scale quantities of biomass daily.





CBD Distillation uses heat and a vacuum to separate CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes from less desirable compounds such as fats, waxes and pigments. MY CBD LAB uses a method of short-path wiped film distillation quickly and efficiently refining crude oil into a more versatile form, commonly referred to as CBD distillate. The distillation process involves ultra-high vacuum, heating or cooling molecules along with other differentiating steps. At MY CBD LAB it is our goal to produce high quality distillate by ensuring that we keep our temperatures as low as possible to prevent degradation of CBD and other active components.





A more effective and efficient approach to purer Cannabidiol production using chromatography. For products that have purity requirements above 90% we use chromatography to filter out the remainder of harmful pesticides, provide degumming and color remediation. Pesticide remediation is an extremely important step in our CBD resin refinement process, using fewer materials and generating less toxic waste.






Isolating cannabinoids, specifically for CBD harvesting, is at the heart of the dosing and regulatory issues facing the US market. MY CBD LAB takes pride in providing high purity, low contaminant, crystallized cannabinoids for the B2B hemp market place. From crude to powdered CBD we have positioned itself to be the world’s go to manufacturer for the CBD industry focusing on vaporizer, food and pharmaceutical B2B marketplace.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Service

On Demand Service

Toll manufacturing is a service that is readily available to allow convenience to its customers. MY CBD LAB manufacturing provides companies their services on-demand and at all times, as part of an arrangement it is beneficial for both. It’s a great way to build up contacts in the industry and if you’re start up, small or large company, and have some raw materials or unfinished products that require specific machinery, then entering into a toll manufacturing arrangement can both help you finish those products and build a relationship .


Cost Effective

It’s a  WIN-WIN situation every time. Toll manufacturing is very cost-effective for customers. It allows them to keep the cost at just manufacturing, without having to factor in equipment costs, facility costs and employee salaries. The customer is equipped with everything it needs to manufacture, without having to pay anywhere near what they would if the equipment was theirs. 


Time Saver

Toll manufacturing agreements can save your company a lot of time. Getting your product on the market can be a lengthy process, especially if you’re trying to acquire the equipment and extra employees required to do so. Time for ordering and installing new machinery is taken care of, as the machinery you need is already set up and waiting at another company. Toll manufacturing can help you to get your products on the market as quick as possible, which may be especially helpful if products are in high demand and out of stock.